...Bass; the only thing I (will?) find wonderfully orgasmic. XD Atm.^^ At the moment. X)
*sighs in weirded bliss lol*
... if I were any more into it, my eyes would probably roll into the back of my head as I pass out.
Due to bliss. Happiness. X) Just listening to it. Sighh.... X)
...but without it, how does one blog? >=D hahah...!

Electricity faltered. A raised eyebrow, as slight panic pulsed through my veins. Shrouded in darkness, in the grey shadows, I choose to write. I begin my work.

Words aren’t necessary sometimes. Actions do count. I might be better at the other.

I loved you; once upon a time.

...anywhere but here. Please.

For it to strike a chord in me, till my eyes water, kudos to you. ^^

I’m thinking of a story to write

But my own

Is still


How shall I begin holding onto a pen

When my paper


In the shaking wind?


Is a gift

For us all.

I watch

For the Moon (through her many phases)

For the Sun (through the occasional solar flares)

For the Stars (living and dying)

And all those

In Between

Wrapped my arms around the cracking Sunflower Seed

Plug the source back for the Fridge

Keep the Lamppost well-lit and bright

Watch as the Wall amuses himself

And those surrounding him


The Raisin

Is good at smiling

And keeping


So don’t

Worry too much. X)

I'd thought that my ability to (fake) smiling is much better than that. But apparently, I had no one bothering to voice out that it's not anyway. =s A little troubling, this one.


Dancing to the voices singing along with the songs in my head...X3 even though I'll NEVER dance.

X-ed it! XD ....eh. Strangely enough, people keep pointing out this sentence on my PM. -_-
First Oneechan: "I've seen you dance ParaPara...! You can dance, ok??!"
Now Advyn-san-san: "... I saw you dance. Now change it. What are you waiting for..?"
Gahhhh...! Dx< It's supposed to be metaphorical....! Dx< ...meh. X( ah wells.


A testament
of our
and beliefs.
Common display
of strengths and
In loving, much loving memory of
AniManGaki '09. *bows deeply*



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